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Forum rules updated 10/18/12 Empty Forum rules updated 10/18/12

Post  Wilk on Sun Oct 14, 2012 4:37 pm

1. Do not flame, troll, or spam outside of the Nonsense board.
That board is here for a reason. All of the above go there. If any flaming, trolling, spamming, or generally stupid behavior is seen outside of Nonsense, Administrative action may be taken.

2. Do not derail topics.
If you make a topic, stay on it. Make a new topic if you need to. If it goes too far, the off-topic posts may be moved to a new topic if needed.

3. Do not overuse emoticons.
If more than 5 emotes are used in a post, it may be edited and you may recieve a warning, depending on how many emotes you put. If your post is edited, DO NOT re-add emotes. Otherwise you WILL get a warning!

4. Do not have too disruptive behavior.
The Nonsense board is all about that. However, there is a line. Cross it, and you may be warned, depending on how serious it was.

5. Do not post/post links to shock sites.
This includes, but is not limited to, meatspin, goatse, blue waffle, 2girls1cup, etc. None of that! Breaking this rule will result in 2 warnings, so don't do it!

If you break a serious rule, or just do something really stupid and uncalled for outside of Nonsense, you will receive a warning. Consequences are as follows:

2 total warnings = 24 hour ban
3 total warnings = 48 hour ban
4 total warnings = week ban
6 total warnings = month ban
8 total warnings = 2 month ban
9 total warnings = You won't be coming back

Creating another account during a ban will result in an instant permaban or ip ban, depending on how long the original ban was for. The only exception is if you want to send me a pm discussing your ban reason/length.
Warnings will be sent either through pm, and posted here.

6. You CAN use vulgar words. We've all heard 'em, but there is a line. You should know where it is.

7. Harassing someone for no apparent reason will NOT be tolerated. Mild-moderate flame wars are fine in Nonsense. However, personal insults towards one another is unacceptable. If it gets to this point, the posts will be deleted and you will recieve a warning.

Abide by these rules and you'll be fine
Break 'em, and you'll have trouble here.

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